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A Girl Named John

John Elizabeth Alemán has been a resident of Miami Beach for more than twenty years. Married to José Braulio, or J.B. for short, the Alemáns have two sons who are fourth-generation Miami Beach residents.

John is a business professional and an active member of our community. Her corporate career was in information technology that provided strategic technology consulting to Ryder System, Inc., a Miami-based Fortune 500 company. John has been active in the Miami Beach public schools, including serving as President of the North Beach Elementary PTA, and is a strong supporter of public education.

John was born in Tampa and raised in Sarasota. She has two sisters. John’s father was born in Panama City, FL at Tyndall Air Force base. Her paternal grandfather was an Air Force instructor pilot who retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. Her father and stepmother live in Palmetto, FL.

John’s mother is the original “Girl named John.” Her mother was a special education teacher who died unexpectedly when John was 14 years old. John’s maternal grandfather, Dr. William Fitts, promised his World War II buddy and fellow Army medic to name his second child in his memory.

John’s parents chose to continue this legacy and named their second child, also a girl, the same way.

John is proud of her name as result of this tradition, and she and her husband continue the legacy.

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My Priorities

Fiscal Responsibility

Responsible decision making that includes future impact and sustainability.
  • Ensure that residents receive high quality services for the taxes and fees that they pay.

  • Quality of Life for Residents

  • Protect the rights and quality of life for all of our diverse populations.
  • Oppose development projects that adversely impact our traffic problems.
  • Support projects that we will be proud of for decades to come, that are responsible in terms of their impact to our residents and visitors, and in harmony with our infrastructure.
  • Support our City’s historic preservation efforts while respecting private property rights.

  • There must be a balanced approach to keep the unique charm of our community, while supporting great new ideas and progress.

    Environment and Flooding

  • Support the City’s present and future infrastructure investments and flood prevention plans to keep us dry and protect our property values!
  • Do our part to reverse humanity’s impact on global warming by supporting green initiatives at the municipal level.

  • Traffic and Transportation

  • Support trolleys and other innovative local forms of public transportation.
  • Support Uber and other alternative transportation options.
  • Oppose over-development.

  • Casino Opposition

    Miami Beach is both an exciting place to visit and a fabulous place to live. Casinos would cheapen Miami Beach and degrade our quality of life by upsetting that balance and degrade residential property values.
  • Encourage non-gaming businesses within the City that attract tourism.

  • Education Innovation

    Strong schools make Miami Beach an all-around great and attractive place to live. Although education is a state and school board responsibility, we must find innovative ways for our City to encourage excellence in Miami Beach schools. Good schools are good for business.
  • Continue support for our International Baccalaureate program for global credibility.
  • Attract STEM programs (science engineering technology and math) and further industry connections within schools (hospitality, film and TV production, technology).

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    John Alemán is a native Floridian who fell in love with Miami Beach in 1994.

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